The rising charm of Rahul Gandhi as an orator, statesman and a young leader for a new India.

Vikram Malla
4 min readFeb 25, 2019

A lot of Indians when they actually look at him with an open mind, see a kind and kindred soul. A man with intelligence, grit and a pure intent to serve the nation and its people at heart. Read on…

Rahul Gandhi has matured. He now stands tall.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. — Mahatma Gandhi

Im not a fan or affiliated with any political party. My perspective is that an inclusive party may look weak as different voices emerge strong and loud which may appear as if there is lack of unity, but thats the strength of a democracy of people who have opposing views yet willing to work together. If only parties stopped playing vote bank politics attacking each other, but do constructive critisism the hemisphere of good politics will definitely take a new turn for the good in India.

#NationFirst is just a hashtag when all you can think about is #MeFirst.

The following tweets, pics, videos encompass the growth and maturity of Rahul to stand tall among politicians in giving strong political speeches and stands out as a true national leader. #RahulAbSahiHai. This impression is largely because the #Namo is a self destructive phenomenon. Somehow still being propelled by Namedia. #chaukidarchorhai is one of the best campaign and hard hitting come back to #congressmuktbharat.

A politician thinks about upcoming elections, but a leader thinks about the future generation. During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act” — George Orwell.


#CallMeRahul — Mera naam bhavish hai. I hope im talking to the next PM of the country.

ANDRA PRADESH — 22 Feb 2019


LT GEN DS HOODA — to head National Security advisory

Has he had any effect you may ask, well maybe he doesn't resonate with the media not giving him the status or respect. However, the slogan #ChawkidharChorHai has actually given many a rebuttal point when attacked by Har Har Gang, Namo Bhakts and the likes. They have no come back, cause for all their offense, they cannot find any points to defend the Ambani deal. Thank you for that Mr. Gandhi, thank you for making a slogan go viral and go loud across social media and rebuttals. We may also recall the best come back for How is the Josh? with How is the Jobs? by Rahul Gandhi. The timing of the jobs report just sank the josh of Modi-iates.

Update: The #ChowkidarChorHai slogan is bugging the crap out of Modi and his camp, that he came up with a impotent counter slogan, which in all sense failed — they called it #MainBhiChowkidar

Only Chowkidar Chor Hai has stuck. All others Modi just brushes it off.

Should who gets the credit for the resurgent opposition, does it go to Rahul, not exactly because Modi has done it with so many other Jumlaas that people are tired of the globe trotting natter mouth #naMO. So where is the charm? The charm is that he has side stepped so much abuse and push backs to paint him to a corner with name calling, memes and jokes. His learning over the years show in his new found skill to modulate the news story on twitter and other platforms.

#GodhiMedia a.k.a #ModiMedia wont report such numbers even till the last minute of results being called, as was evident with their exit polls for the recent elections.

No mention by Natter Mouth

Another big factor is Rahul’s continuous out-pour on the apathy of the state of farmers in this country. Agrarian crisis whether man made or God made, is not in the political radar for Modi and he is unable to reach out to them. The Rs.6000 package has not garnered any good will. (shorter version)


Brilliant speech by Rahul Gandhi. Could have had more punches, but still brilliant. A changed and charged Congress leader.