The Humour of Indian Politics

Vikram Malla
4 min readMar 2, 2019

Its embarassing when politicians gaffe, shoot self goal, attacks back fire and then they become memes. Even if some of them are just that i.e memes to start with, but when they catch your imagination, it something else all together. Will collate politican gaffes and humour in politics, foot in mouth moments, but will avoid propoganda based or clearly doctored content.

Only popular ones and may not be in any sequential order — timeline wise.

Modi Capsule

Have to showcase them quickly coz the impact may expire by May 2019. Social media propped him up 5 years ago, the same media may bring him down.

Really — who is politicizing Pullwama.
She is not the wife of Abhinandan, but a wife of a soldier as she her self mentions. Unfortunately the tweet and the video cannot be seperated for posting here. Focus on the video, ignore the tweet.
Marks card for Entire Political Science
context —

Saying I dont care about politics while campaigning is really counter productive. He was even campaigning while India was at loggerheads with Pakistan.

If one had given 2 crores jobs, you wouldnt need to wash people’s feet.

BJP website hacked. Intelligence failure? March 5

Another angle which captures the aftermath of abuses thrown around.

For Finance Minister of BJP under Vajpayee govt.

Related to above ad

BJP endorsed media give 21 more seats than available.

Congress sarcasm is love for terrorists, where as BJP sarcasm of using ji, is sarcasm only.

N: I’m going to jail after being PM. M: Kya, mera bhi yahi haal hone wala hai?
Conclusive opinion of a data scientist that Microsoft Excel = Surf Excel, he however definitely doesnt excel.
Verdict abhi baaki hai, dont conclude!

Act of fraud happened to his own government. This is called a self goal.

Old speech from 2010 — refreshed
#VanakkamModi = #GoBackModi