I am Modi — Main kaun? Chowkidar.

Narendra Modi is the king of political rhetoric (at least in Indian politics), however the more you speak the more you give opportunity for attacks.

Modi’s only press conference

अँग्रेज़ी की भी जूते से पिटाई कर दी है

MOVIE — PM Narendra Modi

CAG Report & Other controversies

Jan, 2019 Exclusive: Large disclosure OF CAG-The central government ‘ hid ‘ four lakh crore rupees and debts

Throw Back


Of the Rich, By the Rich and For the rich

Ambani, Mukesh


It’s no secret the relationship of Modi and Adani, the huge port deals, power deals in Gujarat as CM, publicly using the Adani private jets during his 2014 campaign mania across the country. Now as PM, port deals across the country, airport and coal deal to name a few. The Adani group has grown many folds in Modi’s India.

Govt documents show, on order from PMO, govt changed the eligibilty criteria, ignored all the recommendations of its own ministries and floated a tender in flat 3 days to privatise 6 profit making AAI airports. Adani Group won the bid for all 6!

Ambani, Anil

Mallya, Vijay

Modi, Nirav

Kabhi na kabhi aayenge, that’s the confidence he has in his actions, Hope!

If you analyse the above conversation, it quickly shifts the conversation from those who ran away (Mehul Chowksi, Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya all personally known to Modi) are scared of their crimes but we are bound by international juristic limitations and therefore helpless. However, the people who are in India and fighting at the courts are definitely criminals, and we should complete this process quickly as people don’t want to wait. Are they not on bail because the courts feel, they will not run away? Nitwit.

For his friends, its kabhi na kabhi, for his foes, its abhi hi abhi. (Clearly a double standard)

Modi hai, tho bhukatna padega. Putting yourself with criminals as equal is the oldest trick in the book. However, although the interviewer asked a good follow up question, she allowed to narrative to slip to the opposition, instead of questioning how Modi let his friends slip in the first place.

The inner circle of Modi, the same team which went to France to settle the Raphael deal.
  1. Mysterious, 2. Feelings, not readable, 3. Avoid talks on personal life, 4. True Identity Unknown, 5. Defensive personality, 6. Rejects Interventions, 7. Public Personality 8. Changes in Modi’s signature, 9. Modi like Hitler?

Some of these characteristics show up in his behaviour with people around him, especially those who serve him.